Multiple Teams · Future Warriors!

We wrapped up the first month of the New Year with our Annual Future Warriors as we highlighted and celebrated the participation of our Elementary School students in athletics here at Franklin Road! At half-time during our Coaches Versus Cancer basketball games, over 40 students from kindergarten to fifth grade were announced one by one in front of all of our fans as they were tunneled onto the court by our Varsity Cheerleaders! They were awarded an opportunity to score a jump shot, followed by a free popcorn and box drink on behalf of Franklin Road Athletics. All fans were then invited to Shoot Versus Cancer where donations of a $1 per shot were generously given towards charity and prizes were given for each made shot. Thanks to all of our fans and Future Warriors for participating in a great cause!

Future Warriors Participants 2017

Kindergarten, Mrs. Rzetelny – Leah Spaude, Hudson Dubuc, Brad Haverlock, Graden Jaroszewski, Anika Jaroszewski

1st Grade, Ms. Carter – Jacob Beck, Tyson Washington, Justus Husereau, Johnathan Pasnetkus

2nd Grade, Mrs. Ward – Kyla Gordon, Bryan Stewart, Mattias De La Cruz, Micah Dubuc, Kyler Madison, Anberlin Nicholes

3rd Grade, Mrs. McCready – Bryce Parker, Dylan Beasley, Nathan Spaude, Robert Blackwell, Cortney Jones, April Butler, Sam Garver, Aria Potts, Rivers Husereau, Matthew Williams, Isabella Carey, Raina Cannon, Mattison Green, Carson Hoy, Stephanie Lisch

4th Grade, Mrs. Yost – Andy Beasley, Ayokanmi Adenle, Ayokunnumi Adenle

4th Grade, Mrs. Budemir – Ava De La Cruz, Nadiya Jones

5th Grade, Mrs. Budemir – Sarah Krause, Nia Iwouha

5th Grade, Mrs. Jones – Johnathan Sharath, Neelah Potts, Elizabeth Morrison, Kennedy Cooper, Daria Smith, Sydney Jones, Carlton Browning, Andrew Khalifeh, Hannah Lisch, Samantha Smiley, Cerenna Harrison, Angela Butler